Adjuvant Medical Solutions offers physicians and patients the service of designing treatment strategies in battling cancer and chronic diseases based on highly specialized individual genomic diagnostics.

Unlike current protocol, individualized genomic medicine aims to treat the whole patient, rather than the disease in isolation. The goal is to identify the molecular processes feeding the disease and then modify them, to make the body an unfriendly host to the disease process.

It has been demonstrated that multiple conditions can respond to therapies that correct the underlying molecular imbalances and malfunctioning pathways.

Led by Adjuvant’s founder, Moshe Rogosnitzky, the consultation process begins with obtaining a detailed case history and review of all tests.

Next, specialized tests are requested from laboratories that perform extensive molecular and disease pathway testing.

The test results are then analyzed by Adjuvant and cross-matched with treatment options existing in its databases, culminating in a comprehensive report that details the drugs and therapies best suited for the patient’s condition.

Each and every report is unique to the individual and takes into account all aspects of the patient’s health history.

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Moshe Rogosnitzky is one of those rarest of beings whose genius in medical solutions, therapies and their correlations is encyclopedic and far beyond the limiting scope of present doctrine. My recommendation is not academic and remote. I am a 76 year old M.D. While associating and consulting with and for Moshe, I developed Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

My white blood cell count was 71,000. Moshe maintains the total respect of some of the best oncologists internationally. After consulting with the hematologist/oncologist Moshe recommended, they conversed and agreed. I placed myself completely in Moshe's care under the oncologist's technical supervision.

Two years later, my WBC is less than 20,000 and my lymphoma is in remission. I am following Moshe’s program. I have never had chemotherapy nor do I intend to. I feel well. Thanks to Moshe I have managed to maintain my full-time medical practice, for which many of my patients are equally grateful.

Paul H. Goodley M.D.

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