It is possible to remove the limitations of standard protocol treatments of cancer and many chronic diseases by use of the new approach of individualized genomic medicine.

Instead of trying to treat complex, highly individualized conditions with "one-size-fits-all" medicine, individualized genomic medicine offers new, effective solutions by identifying as many relevant molecular "sub-targets" as possible.

The identified sub-targets are then matched up with much safer treatments that "modify the terrain", making the body an unfriendly host to the disease process.

Adjuvant Medical Solutions utilizes highly specialized individual genomic diagnostics to outline unique treatment strategies, frequently offering patients hope where none was to be had before.

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Moshe Rogosnitzky is a fountain of ideas. Moshe has an extraordinary understanding of medical research, and is very skilled in his ability to link different lines of inquiry (clinical and basic science) in order to test the efficacy of a treatment. Moshe’s role in translating the results of our research into clinical practice is remarkable and has had enormous impact on the lives of numerous sufferers of disease. I look forward to Moshe's advancement of novel therapies to improve the human condition.

Dr. Ian S. Zagon
Distinguished Professor
Hershey Medical Center
Penn State University

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